Thursday, December 11, 2008

How do the holidays make you feel?

Good evening. I hope you're keeping warm on this rainy night.

Now that it's mid-December, the official holiday countdown has begun. Commercials nag me to buy gifts, neighbors put up crazy lights (one house plays "Jingle Bells" at a dog whistle pitch!), and coworkers ask how you'll spend your time off.

Chanukah, Christmas, and the New Year evoke strong feelings in most people. And for anyone who's grieving, holidays can be just plain hard. Let me be the first to say: I hear ya!

Over the weekend, I'll post again and share my thoughts and plans for this season. But right now, I'd love to hear what you're doing, where you're going, and how you're feeling.

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  1. I feel holiday-neutral right now, but things are ramping up. After The Nutcracker on Sunday (NYU student performance, might be weak) I will almost certainly be on my way to high spirits. Over the holiday break, I have rented a car for two weeks and I plan to visit people throughout New England, eating pie and meeting all my friends' families (including Nancy's!)

  2. This is definitely an emotionally rough time of year. With my bday coming up and the holidays. This is the third bday I'm celebrating without my mom but whose counting! At least it will make it go by faster with all of the holiday parties and stuff. It's weird, when "special" days come up like my bday, my mom's bday, her anniversary, the anniversary of when we lost her, etc, people always try and comfort me by saying it's just another day but it's just not.

  3. Hi Gayle. Those "special days" are always hard for me, even when I think they won't be. What sometimes helps me is reminding myself that it's good to have days devoted to her. On those days, you're "allowed" to think of her, feel sad, cry, share memories, look at old photos, and evaluate where you are in the grieving process. It's a day just for you and her, so in some ways, we can treasure it.