Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Grieving on Facebook: How the Site Helps People

I just read this article on called Grieving on Facebook: How the Site Helps People). I was so happy to read that people were finding comfort from grief online.

Of course I can relate to this topic. The best part about Sally's Circle is when you reach out and share your stories with me. It's in that comment or email that I feel we are truly connecting on such an intimate and often lonesome topic.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we were all put in one room together, say at a bar or a coffee shop, away from our computers and out in reality. I hate to have such little faith, but I think we wouldn't be as willing to share. We might feel shy, embarrassed, or exposed. The internet gives us a safe space to be anonymous, and anonymity grants us some freedom to express our grief.

I love the safe space we have found here, but sometimes I wonder if that limits us from connecting to people in real life. I can't help but wonder: are we all just big cowards?! (Myself included!)

What do you think about sharing grief online?


  1. Great post topic!

    I think you have a point about people in real life: some of us tend to cover up, hide and conceal what we're feeling and may not want to be so vulnerable. We've all heard that saying: "We all deal with grief in our own way." Some people don't like to handle it head on, so I think the option of doing it online is awesome! Like you said, anonymity offers some freedom to people.

    I find it to be a great outlet for those who may not want to face it in "real life." Some people cry, some bury themselves in work and others don't allow themselves to stop and really let the grief take over for YEARS after the death of a loved one. I think this provides those people with an option to share with someone what they are feeling and going through, even if it's a complete stranger.

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