Sunday, April 25, 2010

A time of transition

Happy Sunday! I hope you're all having a nice, relaxing evening as you prepare for the week.

I actually can't quite share in your Sunday night jitters tonight, since I'm on my mini-vacation between jobs. I left my position as a web editor at and will become the web manager for a personal finance expert. I'm very excited for this change, and even more excited to have this time off between jobs to breathe and gear up for the new gig.

I also feel lucky, as I have great cheerleaders by my side:

Mark took me out for a celebration dinner at Prime House New York, a fancy steakhouse where we both agree we had the best date of our lives (at least so far!). We met at the bar for a cocktail, and then enjoyed a delicious meal from appetizers to dessert. I'm not the biggest meat lover, but the steak there would be hard even for a vegetarian to resist! And, Mark, as always, was a great date: handsome and charming and making me crack up.

Dad and Susan became my wardrobe consultants when I went out to Long Island to visit them. To make sure I look schnazzy for the new job, they whisked me off to White House Black Market, Banana Republic, and Lord & Taylor. I felt like they were my Clinton and Stacy from "What Not to Wear"! At each store, they found comfy seats outside the dressing room and flashed their thumbs up or down. So, if you like my outfit, compliment them!

Laura and Shari started off my vacation with a BBQ at Laura's new apartment in Park Slope (10 minutes away from me!). Best friends since 13, the three of us have truly been through thick and thin together. We shared burgers, laughs, and planned more details for our upcoming trip to Paris in July -- our first European trip as a trio. Watch out, France!

So, as I continue to gear up for my new challenge, I hope this time of transition might also be a time of more blogging. We have two holidays coming up that can be challenging, Mother's Day and Father's Day, and I want to be sure we're here for each other through those days. If there's something on your mind, or you're looking for advice or just an ear to listen, feel free to post a comment (you can post anonymously) or drop me an email.

'Til then, have a good evening and let's talk soon.

P.S. Who are your cheerleaders? Give them a shout out below!

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