Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The butterflies are... postponed

Hi all!

Thanks for your sweet wishes on my last blog post. Here's the update.

1- Writing group. My meeting went really well. The three girls in my group had minimal changes to my book proposal, so as soon as I make the few edits, it will be officially ready to "shop around" to literary agents and publishers. It's all starting to feel very real.

2. Big meeting. Well, unfortunately, she had to postpone our meeting. A bit of a bummer, but also a relief. I felt SO NERVOUS about the meeting -- like, not normal nerves. Crazy nerves. So now I'm glad I have another week to regroup and go into the meeting feeling 100% fantastic.

Have you ever worked on a project so much bigger than you that it scared the daylights out of you? Share your tips for how to calm down. I need them!


  1. Good luck Missy!!

    The first thing that came to mind is to not fret too much -- don't let your free time become consumed with worry or anxiety. Watch a movie, read a book -- do something to distract your mind and keep you positive and excited! Easier said than done, so when you do fret just remember you have a large cheering section that truly believes in you. ;)

  2. There is a reason for everything.
    You hang in there doll!
    Rock on...

  3. miss maris,

    this is your old office neighbor kate! i have been going through a rather long list of accumulated URLs tonight -- a little obsessive-compulsive housekeeping -- and i came upon sally's circle. needless to say, i didn't get any of my to-dos done because I literally read every single post (backwards, no less) of your blog and am truly touched. you are an amazing writer, but more than that, YOU are amazing. keep up this blog. it's no longer buried in my massive list of sites. i look forward to reading more from you, marisa. miss you!

  4. Kate! The funny thing is that my family used to call me "Miss Maris." Another favorite was "Marisa McKissa" (that was mostly my dad). Thanks for reading Sally's Circle and for your nice words. Miss YOU across the hall.