Sunday, March 1, 2009

I have (book) butterflies in my stomach

Ladies and gents, Monday and Tuesday are bound to be big days for my book.

MONDAY: I have a meeting with my writing group. I meet with three other writers (two of them wrote "The Hookup Handbook"!) and we review each other's work. Tomorrow they'll give me feedback on my book proposal -- a 62-page document that details everything about my book: an overview, marketing plan, chapter outline, and sample chapters. The proposal is what I'll eventually send to literary agents and publishers, so I'm really curious to hear what they say.

TUESDAY - I have a meeting with a super-smart woman who says my book might be a fit for a certain book publishing company -- and she has the pull to forward it on to the right person. I'd say more but I'm afraid of jinxing it.

Please cross everything for me this week: fingers, toes, whatever it takes. I need it!



  1. Marisa! Good luck! I'm so happy your book is becoming more of a reality each and every day!

    - Chan

  2. Good luck Marisa - I have no doubt you'll be successful!

  3. hurrah! i'm so so excited for you, lady. can't wait to hear how it all goes, and i'm sending good book karma your way.


  4. Well you know I have to comment on this one! First of all GORGEOUS PIC! Secondly, that is SO exciting. Let me know what happens!! I see big things coming for you and this book. Promise to give me one of the first autographed copies? As always, so proud to be your cousie <3

  5. PS that was Juju but I did it on Sus' comp. I think I should just stick to anonymous...