Friday, March 6, 2009

Parentless Parents: Take a survey from an amazing author!

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In working on my book, I've actually started to make a few "author friends." One woman I've had the privilege of meeting is Allison Gilbert. She's an amazing writer on parent loss, having had the misfortune of losing her own parents at a young age. I especially love her book Always Too Soon, a compilation of firsthand essays written by celebrities who lost both parents. Did you know this happened to Rosanne Cash and even Ice T? Their honest accounts bring them down from celeb status and make them so human.

I had breakfast with Allison about a month ago, and our similar experiences (losing a parent) and professions (writing) made it feel like we were instant friends. She was so warm, and the experience really motivated me to keep working on my book (it was at a time when my confidence was shaky). She advised me to take weekend days to write and then plan something social that night like dinner with friends, that way I get a break from the grieving and writing process. It's totally worked! I'm so grateful for her words of wisdom. She was there for me at a time when all I really needed a mother's voice saying, "You can do it!"

Allison's working on a new book called Parentless Parents, which is about how to raise your own kids when your parents have passed away. This is a book I will definitely buy when the time comes -- I'll need it for sure! As part of the book research, Allison needs "parentless parents" to take a survey. If you would be kind enough to pass this survey to anyone who fits the description, Allison and I would be so appreciative!

Take the survey here!

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